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The term wearable art is not new to the apparel industry.
Throughout history fashion has played an important part in projecting the signs of the time
as well as the beliefs and tastes of generations with beautiful fabrics turned into a myriad of garments.

Sharon LoMonaco has taken wearable art to a new height with her latest designs,
"The Hamptons Jeans Jacket" and the "Hamptons Classic".

LoMonaco Designs Jeans Jackets

Sharon artistically combines a melange of the finest designer and decorator fabrics to create unique works of wearable art. These collections are based upon color, texture and assembly of luxury fabrics inspired by the lush vistas and beautiful surroundings of the Hamptons as well as other beautiful areas of our magnificant country.

Shown below are a selection of Sharon's "Hampton's Jeans Jackets" ... this concept came to Sharon when she lived on Long Island. When she started doing upholstery she exclaimed one day, "Oh my ... these fabrics are so beautiful I just have to wear them!" Being someone who enjoys a very casual wardrobe the most logical choice was a "jeans" style jacket which was constructed from a melange of beautiful designer and decorator fabrics using Sharon's quiltmakers concept of design and the final result was the "Hamptons Jeans Jacket"... it's your basic jeans jacket ... with a "Hamptons" twist! Worn with jeans, dressy slacks or a skirt, this versatile jacket has become a hit in the Hampton's as well as across the country to California.

Sharon produces her clothing in collections referred to as "Limited Editions".
Each jacket, consisting of 3 to 5 fabric combinations,is made in Small, Medium and Large sizes ...
the "Edition" is subsequently retired to insure a truly one of a kind fashion experience for her customers.

Click on each picture for a larger view and description of fabrics and sizes available.

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